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MaxLiss is a cosmetic brand that develops the latest generation of revolutionary hair care products. By using the latest technologies, MaxLiss keratin treatments are able to treat the hair better and more intensively with a long-lasting result.

MaxLiss' keratin treatments and aftercare products are innovative by using specially formulated formulas, which provide soft, shiny, smooth and healthy hair in a natural way. MaxLiss products are the ideal means for reducing volume, curl and frizzy hair. The MaxLiss products intensively restore the hair and bring back the natural shine.

The MaxLiss hair care lines 'FreeSpongeEffect' and 'Maroccare' consist of four different keratin treatments and seven nourishing aftercare products:

The treatment

Specially developed for dry, frizzy and unruly hair.
Ideal for maximum stretching of curly hair.

The Plastic Surgery has been developed with plant-based ingredients to penetrate the hair shaft more efficiently, this powerful formula effectively closes the hair cuticles and provides unprecedented shine.

The formula of the Maroccare Plastic Surgery contains, in addition to the active ingredients, Tamarind oil and Argan oil. The unique combination of these ingredients provides fortification, nourishment and hydration. The active ingredients provide:

extreme reduction in curl;
extreme volume reduction;
optimal amplification;

This keratin treatment from MaxLiss is suitable for Black hair, European and Asian hair.